About me

I’m a freelancing illustrator from Sweden, specializing in fantasy cartography. My maps combine

the sharpness of ink, the flowing brightness of watercolors, and the exactness of digital tools, into paintings that have a traditional feel coupled with modern legibility. My clients include Arianne Tex Thompson on Solaris Books, RPG company World’s End Publishing, Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, indie authors and roleplayers, and Richard Garriott’s natural history exhibition, and my work has appeared on the blogs of Mary Robinette Kowal, the Atlas of Design, and in physical form in the Cambridge University Library’s map room.

"Working with Gillis is a joy every time - he delivers phenomenal results with a smooth, easy, cheerful manner. (He) has brought my world to life. Good artists are hard to find, but great artists are a treasure - and Gillis is a treasure."

– Arianne Tex Thompson

On the maps for the Children of the Draught series


”Gillis is a true professional and very easy to work with. He helped me find a design concept that depicts a huge city on a single paperback page. And then he executed that concept beautifully.”

– Jason A. Holt

On the map for The Artificer of Dupho


“The map making process went quite fast and very professional. (...) Gillis Björk is a great cartographer with a great imagination that complimented my own. There was more detail and thought put into the map that even I hadn't come up with which inspired me even more to write. I feel as though my world is no longer fantasy but an actual place. And at the end of the day that is what matters the most.”

– Aaron Henderson

On the map The continent of Krig


"We had Gillis paint us a custom map for our gaming world at He was very helpful in walking us through the whole process. It was really a enjoyable experience and we would highly recommend Gillis and the service he provides to anyone looking to have a custom map done! Thanks Gillis!"

– Lucas, owner of

(map not yet published)

"I'd drawn out my own map long before I self-published Attrition, but it always lacked a true artist's touch, which is what brought me to Gillis Björk. Gillis transformed the map of Io into something truly wonderful, bringing the fantasy to life in a way that exceeded my highest expectations. Professional, prompt, and easy to work with, Gillis is a master mapmaker."

– S.G. Night

On the map for the Attrition re-release


”Working with Gillis was an utter delight. The process of map-making went like a whirlwind, which astonished me since my commission was pretty complex. All the way through the process I was kept very well-informed, with sketches and updates at least every few days. Gillis is a true professional who also put forward numerous ideas and suggestions which improved considerably the map, and on top of that the prices he charges are very fair. All in all, I highly recommend Gillis to anyone who may need to commission a map.”

– Harald Freyjugjöf

On the map The High Realm of Stormark


"I enjoyed working with Gillis a lot. The pricing is fair and the art is good, but even more so did he help me quite a bit to work out the map in the way I wanted. I was not entirely sure about the details of the landscape at the start, but his experience and knowledge made it easy to turn my ideas into a proper map. Gillis worked quick and thoroughly, kept me always up to date during the making and it was ever nice to have a chat with him. I will definitely come back to him, should I need another map drawn sometimes."

– Patrick, game master

(map for private use)


"As an author of the upcoming game This Is Not a Test, I was on the search for a quality map maker that could match the tone of the book. I reviewed the work of several well known map artists and I settled on Mr. Björk because of his evocative water color style. Throughout the process of having two maps created, Mr. Björk was professional, courteous, and great with communication. (…) I absolutely recommend him any projects you may have and will be tapping his talent myself for more of my upcoming projects.”

– Joseph McGuire

World's End Publishing

On the map The Tri-State Wasteland


"I came in contact with Gillis at the when he responded to an inquiry I made. His style was just what I was looking for. We bounced a few emails back and forth and about a week or two later I had the map I hoped for and more. He was great to work with and I'm using him for another map. You can't go wrong with Gillis!"

– Craig Halloran, on the map for The Chronicles of Dragon


"Having grown up with Fantasy Novels containing maps I was convinced that I needed one for mine. Not only does it set the scene but provides a much needed reference point for any confusing journeys that your characters might be taking. After doing a little research I came across Gillis who captured a whole range of styles that really caught my eye. I loved one of them and immediately contacted him to ask about working on a map for me. Not only has Gillis maintained a great level of communication throughout the project, he has laid out expectations clearly and I am very pleased with the finished map. I look forward to using Gillis for future projects!"

– Fraser McCrorie, on the map for The Frozen Codex


All works displayed on this site are ©Gillis Björk or clients and cannot be used for any purpose without written permission.


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